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Make a Sale…Get PinnaclePoints! It’s That Easy.

With PinnaclePoints, you don’t have to worry about starting a contest too late to make enough sales to qualify for a reward. You get Points starting with your first carrier appointment through Pinnacle and with every qualified sale that you make!  Points are awarded for every $1 of your issued annualized commissionable premium. They are awarded each month in accordance with the table below. Points awarded in a month can be saved and redeemed for 12 months. Additional Points can also be awarded with special promotions throughout the year. Start racking up your Points today!

Rules & Guidelines

ProductionPoints are awarded based on issued and paid annualized commissionable premium net of reversals.


ProductionPoints are REDEEMED on a first in, first out basis.


Unused Points will expire after 12 months. For example: Points awarded in January expire January 31 of the following year.


Your ProductionPoints account is non-transferable and may not be combined with the ProductionPoints account of another agent.


Per CMS regulations, sales of Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans cannot be awarded ProductionPoints.


Redemption of ProductionPoints may be suspended if an agent’s account is not in good standing. An agent can continue to receive ProductionPoints during this time. Once an agent’s account returns to good standing, redemption restrictions will be lifted. Suspension of ProductionPoints will not alter expiration date of ProductionPoints.


Any liability for Federal, State or local income taxes for awards from this program will be the sole responsibility of the agent receiving the award and not The Pinnacle Benefits Group. Form 1099-Misc will be furnished as required by the Internal Revenue Service.


The Pinnacle Benefits Group reserves the right to final interpretation of these rules and to terminate this program or any portion of this program at any time without notice or award.

Pinnacle Benefits Group

Toll Free: 800.259.3959 | Local: 336.759.3959