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Mutual of Omaha Broker Bonus Program Slam Dunk Critical Advantage Incentive
Pinnacle Benefits Group / Mutual of Omaha

• $25 Free Throw Bonus 1 application
• $50 3 PT Shot Bonus 3 applications
• $100 Buzzer Beater Bonus 5 applications
• For apps signed March 1 - March 31, 2019
Cigna Incentive Earn Cash in March with Cigna selling supplemental health & accident policies.

• $25 Bonus per issued application
• No Limit!
• Program runs March 1 - March 31, 2019
• Minimum of 5 issued apps to qualify
Mutual of Omaha Broker Bonus Program Don't miss the Med Supp Broker Bonus Program Bonuses available on Plans F, G & N in select states and must issue a minimum of 5 policies in a month.

• $150 Bonus for each qualified Underwritten Policy
• $30 Bonus for each qualified Open Enrollment Policy
• For apps signed January 1 - March 31, 2019
Aetna Bonus Programs Hit the ground running with FOUR great bonuses from Aetna!

• New Agent Bonus Program
• Ancillary Bonus Program
• Med Supp Bonus Program
• Multi-Product Bonus Program
MYMSCIS Competitive intellegence tool The new and improved MYMSCIS is Here!
This innovative Med Supp competitive intelligence tool now has more features to make your Med Supp selling a breeze.
• Responsive for mobile and tablet use
• Now choose any carrier as a baseline
• UW guides and more!
American National Bonus Programs.jpg Earn More with American National Insurance Company and get Double Credit for Qualified Life premium for the 2020 Bahamas Incentive Trip!

• Up to a $1,500 Bonus for Annuity sales
• Up to a $3,000 Bonus for Life sales
• Program runs Jan 1 - April 30, 2019
Union Security Get a Marketing Allowance for Med Supp sales with Lumico! Only 3 issued policies in a month to qualify.

• $100 Bonus per Underwritten case
• $50 Bonus per Open Enrollment case case
• No Limit!
• Program runs January 31 - March 31, 2019
Lumico Bonus Program Another Marketing Allowance opportunity for Med Supp sales with Union Security! Only 3 issued policies in a month to qualify

• $150 Bonus per Underwritten case
• $75 Bonus per Open Enrollment case
• No Limit!
• Program runs January 1 - March 31, 2019
E&O Insurance Exclusive E&O Insurance with lower deductible for E&O claims made on products sold through Pinnacle Benefits.

• Save $1,000 on your deductible!
• Coverage starts at just $38.75 per month
• Apply online in minutes
Continuing Education Pinnacle Benefits provides CE at a discount through A.D. Banker & Company. Complete all your requirements online!

• Access to entire CE library
• Instant Exam grading with free retakes
• AML, Ethics, LTC & more
Training Calendar Use our training calendar to find out about new learning opportunities from Pinnacle and insurance carriers:

• Product Webinars
• Seminars and Special Events
• Register Directly from the Calendar!
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