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Gain the competitive edge with these hot products through Pinnacle!

Redefining What’s Possible: A Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan With The CVS Health® Name.

Now you can offer your clients a Medicare Supplement plan that carries a name they already know and trust – CVS Health.® This new plan is offered by Accendo Insurance Company, which is part of the CVS Health family of companies and an Aetna affiliate. And it offers you some real advantages – including 14% household discount* in most states.  

SureBridge – Prime DVH Plan

Medicare and most health plans cover only a limited amount of specific dental, vision and hearing expenses. A Prime DVH plan from SureBridge provides up to a $2,000 annual benefit to help pay for these costs. There are no network restrictions so any provider can be used. Plans can be issued for ages 0 to 90 and have no health questions to qualify!

Human New Achieve Product

Introducing Humana Achieve: premium coverage that’s affordably-priced

You know Humana is a big deal in the Medicare Supplement industry, and it’s a name that your clients probably know, too. Which is why we’re now offering Achieve. It’s a plan that offers many of the same benefits as Humana’s premier line of products at a great value. Submit your request and get ready to Achieve bliss. You’re just a few steps away from being able to sell our most competitively-priced Humana product yet.